Laptop Repair Services

If you need your laptop's screen repaired, we can help. We order all of our parts directly from trusted OEM technology distribution companies. Some companies will try to cut corners and get parts from unverified sources. With us you can rest assured your system is getting top quality parts. Time for order completion can vary. Although we usually will have it done the day the parts arrive.


In order to repair a laptop's screen we will need to know the laptop brand and exact model number. We can provide basic estimates based on this information but we will need to bring it in before we can be 100% certain.



General Screen Replacement

$45.00 + Cost of Parts

Touchscreen Replacement

$60.00 + Cost of Parts

Keyboard Repairs

Battery  Replacements

Is your laptop inoperable due to damage to your keyboard?Maybe one day you threw some coffee in there? Needless to say, there is a cost effective solution!


We can replace your keyboard for you by using a manufacturer's spare that we can order for you. Once we put on the new keyboard it will work as if it is brand new


Do you have one of those fun batteries that is warning you of its death when you took it off the charger 25 minutes ago?


Or perhaps one that doesn't even fully charge to 100% it only makes it to about 58% and tries to take on its remaining 45 minutes of activity without registering a full charge?




If you need a new battery, we can help locate a cost saving replacement that is specified and recommended for your model of laptop. Some of the generic replacements can interact strangely with laptop chargers and burn out quickly. Let us find you a legitimate and approved replacement.


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