File & Data Services

File/Data Recovery

Don't think that your computer crashing means the end of all your personal files and documents. With advanced techniques, we can recover data from multitudes of storage medias such as hard drives and other sources.


As long as the hard disk is not damaged the data can be recovered from it by using external methods of data excavation to allow your personal files and documents to be recovered and transferred over to your new system.


Data-Loss Prevention

We have several types of data-loss prevention systems we can put in place to make sure your system files are backed up.


Also we can integrate with Online services to synchronize and consolidate your files and make sure unnecessary system files aren't mixed into all of your things.


Some methods are free online services, and we can help you synchronize the files you want so that you have a basic backup always available online.


Some of the most popular being Google Drive or Microsoft's OneDrive which you may have already configured, but need to consolidate and rearrange.


We also have paid storage backups to backup files to an online location or an external hard drive so that they are always close by no matter what happens to your current system.

Media Transfers

If you have old flash drives, CD's, hard drives, or other types of media with files you either can't access or don't have the time to, we can transfer them to a new location of your choosing and weed out what you do and do not want.

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