Remote Support

Remote Access allows for us to connect to your system to perform basic and light services without you ever having to take it out of the house! Some issues don't always require us to physically be in possession of it to fix it. We can also do remote diagnostics to make sure your system is doing well without you having to do anything accept allow the connection with the click of a mouse!

Extensive Background

We have extensive training and skill in administration, maintenance, and troubleshooting the Windows Operating System. Including XP, 8, & the all new Windows 10. We are able to troubleshoot and diagnose uncommon and complex

Advanced Windows Support Services

If you want to upgrade your system to Windows 10 but are afraid you don't know what to do, no worries!


We cover full support of the upgrade, migration, and initial setup of all of it to make sure nothing goes wrong.


Trusted Service Provider

Take advantage of the ability to have a actual Microsoft Partner get you the service and support you need for all Microsoft Windows, Office, and all other Microsoft Solutions. We can make sure to get fast channeled support for our clients from Microsoft directly.

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