We're a business for people. We want to help users learn and have access to applications and features that they need, but that may not be easily managed. We offer Computer, Networking, & Technology Sales and Support Services and are the place to bring any in need Windows PC's! Proud to be a Microsoft Partner, we are a tech support group in East Texas, who's primary expertise is in Microsoft Windows and software. Although we are not limited to only Windows interaction. We also offer system hardware support and consultation services as well.  We do online sales of technology and electronics, as well as volume software licenses for businesses. We also offer other services like hardware upgrades and data/media services.

Origin and Foundation

Eads Technology was founded in 2014 after a noticed prospect in business working with Microsoft technologies. With existing business experience and a drive to work in technology, Eads Technology was registered in the state of Texas and began a partnership with Microsoft to enable study and access to business support opportunities such as business volume licensing and cloud service support.




Us Today

Continued efforts into Microsoft and general technology support services have led us to open up to the United States with product support and sales of top quality technology products for home and business use by registering and partnering with leading distributors of Enterprise and consumer IT and media products. Some of our distribution partners are listed to the left. You can see a brief coverage of their visions and goals by clicking on their respective tab.

From The Owner:

I, Michael Eads (Owner), while in Hubbard Middle School at Tyler ISD, found interest in technology when I noticed that at school, the computers had different login screens then that of my Grandmother's. The desire to know the reasoning why the difference existed was something I found great intrigue in. Learning the stunning complexity of computers and their potential was soon became my life-long focus. After years of digging, self-training, and many trial and errors, I became a natural professional with computers and networking.


Today: After an ongoing 10 years of direct training with Microsoft Software and Windows Systems and Servers. I decided to start a business to help assist, repair, and offer support. The company continues to move forward with constant training involving modern networking technologies developed by companies such as Cisco, as well as a continued education with Microsoft.





Ingram Micro

Microsoft is our specialty. We are members of the Microsoft Partner Network and provide specialized services to support clients with Microsoft software issues or system questions. Also we provide businesses with a way to purchase Microsoft Volume Software licensing and  online cloud subscription services to Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365.

We are a registered Cisco distribution partner  and can provide Cisco support registration and contract management services.

 Tech Data is one of the world’s largest distributors of technology products, services, and solutions. Companies like HP, Apple, Cisco, Microsoft—and hundreds of others—depend on us to bring many of their products to market. Many of the hardware devices and software applications that you use in your daily life have passed through their logistics centers on their way to market.



With Ingram Micro, the world will realize the

promise of technologyTM.




Ingram Micro will focus on enhancing the success of its

business partners, associates and investors while embracing

its values of innovation, accountability, integrity, teamwork and

respect, learning and social responsibility. We commit to

these values to guide our decisions and our behaviors:



We constantly look for better ways to deliver value to our

customers, share owners, suppliers, and fellow associates.

We anticipate change and create the solutions before we

are asked to.

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